GOTCHUBRO is a simple device that holds a beer glass at an angle. A beer can now be poured (even one handed) with minimal foam production.

If you are a craft beer drinker, then you drink beer out of a glass. Sure, usually you can use both hands to pour your beer. Mark my words, there will be a time when you do not have access to both hands and you will be kicking yourself for not having this product at your disposal.

This product was created by a working dad who loved to enjoy his favorite IPA when he got home (pretty much everyday) after work. He soon realized that he could not hold his infant and pour his beer simultaneously. This was a problem, and GOTCHUBRO was born.

Can also be used by inexperienced beer pourers who are unaware of the correct angle to hold the pint glass or just lazy people.

The Original GOTCHUBRO

GOTCHUBRO Prototype Available Now

Get your original GOTCHUBRO before everyone else does. Prototypes are patent pending... 


  • The Original GOTCHUBRO

    The Original GOTCHUBRO (got-chew-bro) is a simple device that is perfect for all of you beer drinking connoisseurs out there. Never be held responsible for a failed pour again. The GOTCHUBRO is designed to hold your pint glass at the perfect angle to reduce foam. Consistency gentlemen.


    Good beer was meant to be consumed out of a pint glass. This pint is specifically designed to slip perfectly into your brand new pint glass. Show off your beer drinking prosper with this badge of honor displayed on your bar, kitchen counter, mantle, etc.


    Beer is best consumed outside in the sun. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Put on your tank, crack a beer, get outside, and relax. Easy to do when GOTCHUBRO has your back with the silky smooth foam free pours.